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    My original web designer I believe added links in my footer for pages like my disclaimer, terms and conditions etc. manually, by editing the footer.php.

    I have noticed since I upgraded to v1.4 all those links have gone and have been replaced with:

    © Copyright – Newleafes – WordPress Premium Theme by Kriesi

    I need to put my links somewhere, and that seemed like a good place, however I don’t want to keep loosing them on every update to the theme. So can you please suggest how I go about putting these type of links back onto my front page, in a similarly discrete way but that isn’t liable to being lost on an upgrade?


    You just need to replace the “new” footer.php with the “old” version of footer.php your original web designer created. ou can use ftp to replace the file or use the wordpress theme editor to replace the code inside footer.php.


    I don’t have a copy of this, although my site is backed up the backups don’t go back that far.

    However wouldn’t this get over written each time I updated the theme? I don’t really want to have this happen every time, especially as I see Word press v3.6 is in beta now. Is this the only way? Is this what others do?


    I was wrong, my backups do go back further and I have got a copy restored. So I am back to normal now.

    However is this the best way to have this setup for the future? Can the footer be edited without it being saved in the footer.php?


    Hi AMLAccount,

    You would need to set up a child theme in that case. See:



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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