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    I have update propulsion to 1.6 and get this error message (in swedish) when I try to reactivate my childtheme

    “This theme is broken. Parent theme is missing., Please install the parent theme”

    I have installed propulsion via ftp 2 times, and it looks okey when activated.

    code for childtheme


    Theme Name: Propulsion Child

    Version: 2.0

    Description: Child theme for Propulsion.

    Author: Kriesi

    Author URI:

    Template: Propulsion


    @import url(“../propulsion/style.css”);

    I have not changed anything in the childtheme

    What am I doing wrong here?

    Thanks for all help!!!

    / John from Sweden


    I have now deleted my old childtheme and redone a new one, then it works, but i lost all my customation.

    Could you please point me in a direction so that I can do it right NEXT TIME ;-)





    Here is a good general tutorial on how WordPress child themes are created. It’s the same process for every theme.




    Hi Nick!

    Thanks for the info, it will come in usefull.

    But what Im looking for is how do I do a normal update of my theme (parent theme or childtheme??) everytime Kriesi have a new update for us to download?

    I did it this way

    1 – aktivated a Twenty Eleven theme instead of my propulsion-child theme

    2 – removed the 1,2 parent propulsion theme

    3 – uploaded the 1,6 propulsion theme, via ftp

    4- would like to aktivated my propulsion-child theme, but get the message..

    “”This theme is broken. Parent theme is missing., Please install the parent theme”

    thx again!



    Hi John,

    Make sure that you can activate the Propulsion main theme before trying to activate the child theme. If you can, then make sure the path to the parent are still exactly the same and that the server didn’t somehow rename the folder when you uploaded the most recent version.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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