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    Hi, I hope your all well, a few months ago now I was asking about the need to have multiple images and videos on the same portfolio page, and also the possibility to mix, as I need to show sometimes a set of two videos of animation work and stills from the project.

    It was mentioned this would be put in as a feature request, I haven’t heard anything for a while in fact I haven’t put my site live yet waiting for this so just thought I’d see if there was an update ?

    I was told Enfold had these possibilities but as I only just purchased and set up Angular that would be a bit extreme.
    Many thanks


    Hi mattock!

    There have not been any feature updates for Angular so no news there. The last round of updates was for WordPress 3.6 compatibility and right now Kriesi is focused on updating Enfold to really be a big catch-all can-do-anything theme.

    So while you can have multiple videos and images in a single slideshow with Angular there isn’t support for a more full page portfolio layout built in where you can add in other items.

    Best regards,


    Hi Devin thanks for the reply, it sounds like I purchased the wrong theme then, this is frustrating as I only just bought it, Is the any way of swapping it without having to pay again ?

    Also if I did change to Enfold would I have to build the site again, create all the portfolios, thumbnails etc or would it be able to re-use all or some of what I’ve done already ?

    Many thanks


    We can’t do anything as far as purchases/refunds/exchanges you will need to contact Envato support (ThemeForest). You can ask for an exchange and see if they will allow it.

    You will be mostly re-building things but the portfolio items will actually stay intact as its the same post type. The formatting will just be different for the galleries since the attached gallery item in Angular is replaced by the featured image/page content in Enfold where you can also use Enfolds new advanced layout editor.


    Ok thanks for the info, I might just have to accept it, buy Enfold and get on with it.

    So just to check I can definitely show more than one vimeo video on the same portfolio page where you just simply scroll down to view if necessary with Enfold ? and hopefully show videos and still images at the same time ?

    Thanks again for the quick replies


    This is how you make a layout on a portfolio page with Enfold:

    So you can make whatever layout you want.

    The ajax portfolio layout is still single image on the left and content on the right but the single pages are full customizable. Just wanted to make sure you weren’t expecting the ajax style portfolio to have custom layouts or to have multiple items below it.

    If you have any more questions before purchase just let us know.




    Great, I can live without the ajax portfolio as long as I can stack items, thanks again for your help

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