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    Please can you provide the list of files who are update ?
    I modify a lot of files actually and it will be a good idea to know what you update ?
    thanks a lot


    Hey exmx!

    You can download the full package from your downloads on ThemeForest which includes the version.txt that has the changes for each update.

    Best regards,


    Hey exmx!

    The last update (WP3.9 compatibility update) replaced some files in incarnation/framework/php/avia_shortcodes/ – I recommend to replace the entire folder. We also updated some framework php files (incarnation/framework) but we don’t have a detailed change log since we use the same framework for all themes and we often merge the fixes from different theme framework folders.



    Does this update provide support for the standalone version of Events Calendar; or is it still using the EC pre 3.0 version?



    It still uses the built in version as far as I know which would need to be disabled to use the new versions of the stand alone plugin.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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