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    hi guys, i have updated to the lastest version and WP3.7.1 and im having issues with my site

    1. its adding a large gap between items on the page see here – between slider and content

    2. it have removed all of my quick CSS to hide the header search and the page titles, but my posts seem to be missing out of the forum now

    Please help asap, a customer is not happy



    Hi RGOnline!

    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Choices theme options under Styling tab

    #main .container { padding-top: 0; }

    2) Seems like you have already removed the search on the header. To remove page title and breadcrumbs;

    .title_container { display: none; }



    Hi Yigit, neither of those worked how i need them to

    #main .container { padding-top: 0; } – this just removed the padding from the top of the socket meu

    .title_container { display: none; } – this removed the title and breadcrumb, i dont what that, see this page,, i want to hide the page title, as i have added it in the content




    Please replace the codes with following ones

    .page .post-title { display: none; }
    .slideshow { height: auto; }


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    hi yigit, that seems to have sorted it but now the post (blog/news) titles are missing




    I have updated the code in my previous post. Please try it now

    Best regards,


    thats the one, thanks

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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