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    Abundance 1.2 and 1.3.1

    WordPress 3.3.2

    WooCommerce 1.5.6

    Hostgator shared hosting

    After updating a site from 1.2 to today’s downloaded copy of 1.3.1 the site was a mess in particular the menu did not copy over. Also, the user interface looked off like it was missing a style sheet. I double checked and the custom.css is in the right place in the css folder.

    I installed the new download 1.3.1 by ftp, copied over the custom.css file and activated it. The custom.css is fairly large, in particular grey items have been darkened. Side note: I like your themes and designs but in general they are so light they are difficult to read.

    After scouring the forum and docs I could find no notes on the best way to update.

    Please advise the correct way to update to preserve the design.

    Thank you



    Can you post a link please – I’ll investigate the network traffic and check if some files are missing (eg stylesheets).

    Best regards,



    I am using the copy posted on themeforest as of last week.


    Would it be helpful to have the name of the file downloaded at Themeforest. I wasn’t sure and thought I should ask be fore posting file names.


    Hi TRZ,

    I checked your site and there was no js error or missing stylesheet. Have you already fixed this?




    I did get the theme updated and took care of the issue with the price not showing. There was a fix for the issue in the next version. What I foound to work best, was to check the version file and only updated the files by ftp that had changed. This worked fine since all of my CSS is in the custom.css file.



    I’ll mark the topic as resolved now.

    Best regards,


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