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    Since the middle of August, I’ve had major formatting issues with the site I worked on for a client.

    After being away a few days, I found every single page was riddled with extra unwanted letters and hieroglyphics, looking like the site had been hacked…For example, any perceived extra space was replaced with Â. Other problems resulted from such things as contractions (didn’t), three dots…(…), etc. etc.

    I don’t know why this problem would materialize after having the website in place for a year…I had to go through approximately 50 pages and resolve each issue manually. Sometimes it took 3-4 times to get one typo fixed. It took a couple of weeks to fix all the glitches (it’s not a straight forward fix, sometimes I have to go back and forth numerous times to fix one spot.)

    Whether I use Text Edit or type directly on to the page in plain text, I am still experiencing some of the same problems. I’ve learned not to double space after a sentence, and sometimes I can’t add a space between words at all, and I’m limited in other formats, such as contractions. I now have figured out that if I go to text edit, copy the word including the hieroglyphics, then use ‘find and replace’ I can usually get it looking right.

    If you look at the site, I would hope you wouldn’t see any of these errors, since I work hard to catch them all when I am adding a new page. To create an error free page is time consuming, and aggravating to say the least.

    I need a resolution that satisfies my client, and doesn’t involve extra cost as this theme has already proven to be expensive. I want to avoid an update that puts me back to square one again. If the solution involves switching to a different theme, I want to be sure that I don’t lose any functionality, widgets, etc. Hopefully the solution will also solve another problem, fillable forms.

    I haven’t had much luck in locating support, but hope this finally is a direct route to getting this resolved. I would appreciate your prompt assistance.

    Thank you,


    Hey HALDR2013!

    right now you are using upScale 1.7. Please update to the newest version 1.8. Also try to deactivate all plugins to see if one is causing the issue. Afterwards activate them again one by one.



    Thank you very much for your prompt answer. I want to be sure I have a solid backup before I do any updates. Will read up on what I need to do, and give it a shot.

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    Upscale theme was outdated and it was removed. Please consider Enfold – which is the most powerful and flexible theme that is on the market right now. Once you get used to using Advanced Layout Builder ( which would take minutes to figure out ) you can re-create your content within a day or two using Enfold


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    I recommended Enfold because upScale is outdated, you do not have to buy. It was just a friendly recommendation.
    I believe there is not much to do once the theme is deleted from ThemeForest, but i asked Kriesi if there is anything we can do. I will post it here once i hear from him. Please kindly wait.
    Also, your issue sounds like a plugin related issue, as far as i know, none of upScale users reported such issue.




    I have edited your first post and added download link to private content section –
    Please download it and update the theme via FTP and make sure to overwrite all files.


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