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    Hi, I’m aware of the issues with the twitter feed due to the api but can I ask if Kriesi is looking for a solution to this? I know about the 3rd party plugins that work and how to generate the widget at twitter, but I think I speak for a lot of people in saying that these are no where near as good as the ones built into Kriesi’s themes. In fact, they look shocking in comparison.

    I have bought quite a few themes from Kriesi and I have also bought themes from Goodlayers too. Goodlayers have supplied a solution to their twitter feed issue which works and maintains the look of their theme. Are you saying you are not? If so, I think a lot of people may look elsewhere in future which is a real shame as Kriesi’s themes are outstanding.

    Hope you guys find a solution soon.



    Hi Chris,

    As far as I know, no. With the generated widget you at least get the “Twitter” look which is really what they are pushing for even if it doesn’t mesh with the theme aesthetic.

    So for right now the only thing I know on the issue is that it isn’t on the books for a change. Skinning a widget however is pretty quick so if its a deal breaker for someone its only a half-hour to an hour of developer time to have a widget of your choice skinned to match your theme style choices exactly.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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