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    I have recently changed from abundance to choices, which I love. However all the image sizes have changed. When I set up my template of page I am having the following issues:

    1. In template builder when I place in a post/page i get an error message stating that there is an issue with the server.

    2. Secondly when I add my pages to the columns, the page does not show the thumbs in uniform sizes (this occurred in abundance) I would prefer not to resize my images if possible. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    3. Lastly, My portfolio images show up in different sizes. Do I have to change my image sizes to make them uniform. If I don’t have to that would be great.

    4. I use w4 post plugin. With abundance it aligned the images to the left , no it is aligned all over the place. Here is a link to my site:





    All your questions deal with the same issue pretty much. You need a way to control image sizes in various location. You need to download Simple Image Sizes plugin which will create in your Settings > Media admin page, a list of the various image locations and give you the ability to dictate their sizes along with ask you whether to crop the image or not. This will change the sizes of all new images that you upload. For images already in your site, you should use the Regenerate option, which is also a part of the plugin. The process is memory intensive, so if you are having issues with regeneration, please contact your host and ask them to increase wordpress memory (which is just a setting).




    I have that loaded and have done the regeneration. But still no luck!



    You wrote ‘In template builder when I place in a post/page i get an error message stating that there is an issue with the server.’ Can you please paste the exact error or take a screen shot of it.

    Have you tried uploading new images? Please be aware that you should upload images that are larger than the width and the hight you set for that area. Also keep in mind that the aspect ratio of the images you upload should be proportional to the sizes you want them to display on the page.

    Please create a temp wp admin account for me, and send the credentials to usjahm (at) gmail (dot) com

    Please include the size you want the images to show up as, and sample images you are trying to show there.




    Thanks. It seems to be working now

    I have over 400 posts in my blog. With this new template the images are huge. I was thinking of adding a banner to the slideshow and moving the images to the post to reduce the sizes. However, the banner shows in all the thumbs etc and not the image I would like to show. Is there a way to show the first image in the post through the site?




    Please help?


    Hi Nat,

    Sorry for the delay, your last response pushed the topic to the end of our queue so I’m just getting to it now.

    You can use the theme option in Layout & Settings for “Slideshow behavior on overview pages” to make it so that the first image in a slideshow isn’t shown on the single item overview page and only those images after will be shown. This should allow you to use a single image as a thumbnail and then on those specific pages have nothing.

    You can also use the template builder to create a template that can be applied to all posts to change the post layout so that it doesn’t show a slideshow at the top.




    It is not working! I have tried each of the options and it still shows the slide show on the page. If I remove the image all together it shows no images though out my site in the thumbs. If I place a standard banner that banner shows throughout and I don’t want that either.

    Also if it shows no slide show, it has a heading and bread crumb. How do I change the heading to my own and remove the breadcrumb.

    My template builder is not working at all, saying it won’t save.

    I like this theme but am thinking of removing it all together. PLEASE HELP!


    First try disabling any active plugins you have running. Then see if the template builder will save.

    If you can link us to your blog page with the single banner image in place, we can provide some css to remove it on those pages.

    For individual blog posts, you can create a template builder template with the elements: Heading and then Page/Post content then set that as the template to be used for the layout of all your posts so that you don’t have the breadcrumbs. Or you can use the template builder to customize those posts layout even further as long as the Page/Post content element is in the template the posts content will be shown.


    I’m gonna go ahead and close this topic as you have few others on the same or similar issues (right now the template builder).

    That way we don’t give conflicting advice and take steps different for the various topics.



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