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    Hi there

    I just upgraded my wp installation to 3.5.1 and now I am getting the word “undefined” appearing in my header. I removed my custom.css and that did not help just in case that was it. You can see how the php is outputting here –

    <h1 class=”logo”>

    <div class=”main_menu” data-selectname=”Select a page”>

    <div class=”menu-mainmenu-container”>



    <div class=”invers_pointer_wrap”>

    Thank you for your help



    Ooops – Just noticed in firefox I have no dropdown menus either! That is a problem!!!


    Hi JC,

    First thing to try is download the most recent version of the theme from your Downloads on Themeforest and then update your theme files. It will be just like you first installed the theme but the newer version will overwrite the old version.

    Just make sure to backup and changes you have made to the theme files directly.




    Great! That worked!! I did not think there was an update because on themeforest it lists 1.3 as the latest version and that is what I had. I see now 1.5 is the latest now that I downloaded and installed.

    To upgrade, I did not overwrite- I just copied the files up there under a new folder name and then renamed the original coherence folder to coherence-old and renamed the new one to coherence. All my settings were saved. I hope that is good!!

    Thank you!!!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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