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    Hi, I am redesigning my church’s website using this theme. It is a great theme to work with. However I have came across a problem. The reason I chose this theme was how the sermon page was set up. Enter in the back end I found out that I am unable to upload our sermons using the URL option. We use a site called were we store all our sermons to and then we use the URL link on the website. This will not work because the theme sermon page requires the URL link to have .mp3 after it to work. The only offers to forms if the URL. One does not have and extension and the other has /play at the end.

    I have tried uploading a test sermon to our Dropbox account and then using that link. I thought this would would because it has the URL extension of .mp3. However, it does show the sermon player on the page but will not play the audio file.

    Do you have any solutions for this problem? I have tried everything I can think of. Is there any work around the .mp3? If not how can I get the Dropbox link to work?

    Thank you for your time and again I really like this theme. I hope I can get the sermons to work.



    What format is audio ? Since the html5 player normally plays mp3 format (which is the standard), the code rejects all but mp3 extensions.

    You should be able to play an mp3 off dropbox. Is the mp3 in the public folder? So this is less abstract, would you provide a link of the page where you have the mp3 from the dropbox not working ?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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