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    In the product details page, we use images at the proportion of 450 : 378. we have also setup this size in woocommerce before uploading any product photos. However, the image is automatically set to 335 in the page. We looked at the code and found that images of 450×335 is also generated with 450×378 but we are forced to 450×335 in the page. Could you please give a hint what happened? I found no where for this setting. Thanks.


    The problem is now resolved after searching thru the forum. However, there is yet another problem. I added background to the all product page with cover size property. It is perfect on IE and firefox, but not on Chrome. What is the possible issue? The width of the background fits perfectly to the container. it is weird that the positions of background on two products appear differently…in Firefox they are aligned.



    Can you give us a link on where you added the background? I checked the link provided but I don’t see any background.




    I inspected using Chrome’s inspect element and found something strange. The li.product and li.product.first have different width. one is 175 and one is 174. I suspect that this may be the cause of the problem. However, I found no way to resolve it. And this problem do not exist in Firefox or IE. Please help…


    now I change the .container .nine.units to 688px and temporarily solved the problem. But that sounds stupid to me as I want to maintain it at 690 to make the website look good. My analysis is that because 690 is not divided by 4, Chrome kindly round off each product width differently so that the sum is still maintained at 4, but that creates problem to styling like background-size: cover.

    Anyway, I deliberately kept another link unresolved so you can investigate and compare:




    I am terribly sorry for the delay but It’s tricky to readjust because this change causes problems else where due to the compartmentalized nature of the design. I attempted, but something like this is beyond the scope of support. To be honest, I have a hard time even seeing those 2 pixels it in the first place, but as you can probably tell by my avatar,i have a hard time seeing lots of things.

    One thing I noticed though, if on the /shop/ page, where u have two purple bottles of salts. if you were to add a background with very very faint , almost pencil like lines , the first going from the bottom of the 1st bottle to the top of the second on top row, and do the same for all shelves , it would create a much crisper 3d illusion of the ‘shelves’ having depth.

    Looks great by the way,


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