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    Hey! Would you mind sending me your ftp data as well (already got the wp admin login) so I can take a look myself? From what I can tell your problem might have a different cause…



    Sent you my details privately



    Ok should workk for you as well now. For everyone else: please try to replace your existing dialog.php file with this one:

    You need to unpack the zip file, then upload the file to your webserver via ftp into the

    wp-content/themes/YOUR-THEME/framework/php/avia_shortcodes/tinymce/ directory and replace the existing dialog.php file

    Would be glad if you could keep me posted if that works for you so I can release a general bugfix release ;)


    Hi Kriesi,


    I tested each one of the shortcodes and they all work well. The only part not working is the preview of the buttons, icons, etc.

    Thank you so very much for all of the hard work.



    Forgot one question.

    I have another website with this issue, so do I replace the dialog.php file and it should work. It’s installed on the same server.



    yes should work. as for your shortcode preview: this will also be fixed with the next patch, but it actuall yhas nothing to do with the issue most people are having here. Once I have confirmation that the dialog.php filx works for everyone I will release the theme updates ;)


    Hi Kriesi,

    I replaced the dialog.php on my other website and tested the shortcodes. The problem still exits there, any idea why?




    did you replace it with the dialog.php that I used on your server? thats a different one from the one you previously downloaded





    That’s what I had done. I did not realize you had made changes to the file on the server. All’s good now.

    Thank you.



    Great! Glad your issue has finally been resolved after so long :)

    Anyone else still having issues?


    Will you update Abundance version fixin that problem soon?



    I believe Kriesi said he will be releasing a theme update if the provided file fixed it for everyone. Have you tried applying the fix from Kriesi’s post above?


    I replaced the dialog.php, and the shortcodes are now working for me.




    Ok great! I think I got enough feedback and I think the fix should work for everyone. I will release an update during the next 24 hours :)

    Thanks everyone for your help!




    Hi Kriesi,

    good news from my website front: the new dialog.php seems to do the trick. The magic wand works!


    Yes, it works for me too!


    Worked for me!


    Worked for me. Straight away after replacing the dialog.php file. Thnx. Very nice them by the way, love it.


    Worked for me, too. Before updating the dialog.php I couldn’t see anything for Quote shortcodes and column shortcodes, others are working. But now all work fine with the updated file.

    There isn’t a work-around to have these shortcodes available at the html editor, because I nearly always use only the html editor?

    A plugin for example?


    This works for me also! ;-)


    The fix has been deployed in another update so the issue should be resolved for all :)

    If anyone experiences the same thing with the new update, please make a new topic in the appropriate theme area.



Viewing 21 posts - 31 through 51 (of 51 total)

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