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    Hi there!
    The problem is that after updating to WordPress 4.0 the Add media button isn’t working at all. I’ve managed to upload images in text mode but can’t use it to upload featured media. Any suggestions, please?


    Hi celmartin!

    Please make sure that you are using the latest version of Enfold which is 2.9.2 –

    Best regards,



    I was having the same issue and updated as you suggested and the problem was resolved.

    I however got messages from some of the site users that the problem had not been resolved.

    After looking into the problem I found that the problem has only been fixed for Admins. The issue still exists for all other user types (editors and authors).

    Is this something you can look into because as a quick workaround, I’ve had to make the editors administrators, which is pretty risky.




    @nchineme Do you mind creating a temporary admin login and posting it here privately?


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    i have the same issue on shoutbox theme. I am unable to upload any media and also the “meta tags” section has disappeared.
    I tried deactivating and re-activating all plugins but it didn’t help. These problems only happened today after updating to WP 4.0.
    I haven’t installed a new version of shoutbox since ages and I don’t even know or remember from where i could update it? in any way, do you offer a paid service to get this all working for me?
    Also, I’m confused as to why the Shoutbox theme topic is under Enfold theme? Has the theme name been changed or is the shoutbox no longer available?

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    @santara: Did you update the theme as well? Please create administrator account. We would like to check it. Make sure that you’re using the latest version of the theme.



    no i haven’t updated the theme yet. I am trying to find a coder who can do it for me.
    Ill keep you posted.



    We will be waiting to hear from you. Thread will be on hold until you reply back

    Best regards,

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    @nchineme I’m sorry about that. If you can create a testing environment we can try to troubleshoot the issue on that one if you are uncomfortable providing admin logins


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    Hi Soraya!

    I’d suggest making a backup of your current theme, perform the theme update and check for the outcome. If things go wrong you’d just need to rollback to the previous theme (all via FTP).



    hi, i have the same issue. have done the upload theme part, but still not working. love to hear from you soon.



    i got the answer. on my website, i have this “WP Construction Mode” plugin. disable it, should be working fine.

    so, try to disable any plugin you have. one by one. hope this help. :)

    Thank you.

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