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    My client wants to incorporate three languages ​​to he´s website that is made with BrightBox.

    What solution would you recommend?

    Is there a plugin compatible with brightbox?

    What is the best way?

    Do I have to create all the pages again for each language?

    Thank you!



    you can check out a plugin called qTranslate, it’s a commonly used multi-language plugin and users report positive results. I don’t believe you have to recreate your pages once it’s installed (don’t pin me down on this, I haven’t used it myself).


    Ajosecorrea, he visto el sitio y has logrado llevarlo al español, como lo terminaste haciendo.

    Te agradezco el consejo. Gracias.




    there are instructions on how to translate your site here. Maybe you can contact ajosecorrea for his language files through his site.




    Thank you. But thiose where instructions for Broadscope and I bought Brightbow, I guess I should have chosen Broadscope. The thing with Brightbox is that I didn’t find (like in Abundance) a directory called “lang” where to put my es_ES.po dile. Although I hve created it, changed setting in wp-config.pho, downloaded Codestyling localization Plug in (which is excelente and worked perfectly with Abundance, and did the translation to spanish, but it didn’t work. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’m just starting this new site, so if I can not translate it automaticalley I’ll doit manually but I won’t be able to update it any longer.

    What I find is that there are newer and better themes than Brightscope so there is not too much information about it.

    Thanks as always for your quik and excelente response.





    You could Try WPML as a plugin.. according to the WPML site the say Brightbox is multilingual comaptible,





    Yes – Brightbox supports WPML.

    Best regards,


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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