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    Hello Dear developers!

    I’ve got your nice theme and I be alive it’s really flexible.

    There’s some first questions:

    1. Can I use an Ukrainian hryvna (local currency) in woocommerce plugin? And how can I set this option?

    2. Have you translation file for theme on Ukraine?

    3. Can I customize header for this way (searching smaller, account menu smaller, text of menu button smaller)

    4. With a white color of header background it’s invisible frame around searching window, and it’s not good

    5. How can I do this instead of this

    Thanks for ADVICE!!!



    1) You can add a custom currency – see: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -currency#post-36898

    2) You can find instructions how to translate the po/mo files here:

    3) You can change the font size with following code:

    #top .main_menu .avia_mega a {
    font-size: 10px;

    #s {
    font-size: 10px;

    I’d add it to css/custom.css.

    4) You can add a border around the search form with following code:

    #header #searchform {
    border: 1px solid #333;

    You can change the border color, etc. or you can change the background color of the searchform too if you don’t want to use a border.

    5) I’d create a bigger logo image and adjust the width to the container width (which is 980px). If you choose the right width the text will appear centered.


    Thanks a LOT for a BIG advice!

    I’ve add Ukrainian Hryvna and translate po file. (1 and 2 questions)

    Now I can’t understand, in which place I should put this file (uk.po and /I’ve double checked the name and it’s correct/ I’ve try to replace default languages files wit uk version, but it’s still english words on site. What shell I do exactly to replace language?

    and for the rest of questions (3, 4, 5) I’ll try to make it with your advice and will give you a feedback in this topic.


    Stay with me =))


    Sorry, and I’ve solved the problem with custom lang file (question 2). I’ve just not cleaned the cash… I’t working!



    Theres a localisation uk.po/ files for the future Ukrainian customers of Abundance.

    But I should warn all of theme, they’ll still need to translate some sentence for their own style from my special vegano hooligan style.

    For now, I’m doing a ukrainian language localization file foe woocoomerce plugin. It’s a big deal.

    And Dear Kriesi Developers, I’m still have a lot of questions about customizing of Abundance.

    Questions on a progress…


    1. Can I make one or two or many extra blogs for publication of another kind of content. For example:

    Blog #1 – short news

    Blog #2 – recipes

    Blog #3 – publications


    Or please, give me advice in which way should i work with categories of one blog to perform them in similar pages separately.

    Thanks for advice!

    2. How can i do custom headline and dinamic text content preview from only one kind category of blog, in content column of template.

    For exemple:


    What will I eat?

    There are so many delicious vegan dishes

    to choose from that you’ll never be short

    of ideas… read more

    What about eating in restaurants?

    Many restaurants offer vegan options and

    the choice is improving all the time.

    Chain restaurants… read more


    – VEGAN NEWS – is a custom headline of column

    – And two news is a new publications of blog for topic – “Vegan News of Ukraine an Whole World”

    Thanks for advice!

    3. How can i do unnecessary empty space (brakes between two kind of template instruments) smaller.

    Please, look an example

    Thanks for advice!

    4. How can i customize a facebook and RSS icons? Change the color of icons, size of icons, change design of icons?

    Look an example

    Thanks for advice!

    5. How can i change a link button for RSS to another kind of link, for example for a group in another social network, or add another one button with e-mail subscribing application link.

    Thanks for advice!

    5.1. Have an Abundance a function to make applications for mail subscribing and can it assist to make every week mailing content?

    Thanks for advice!

    6. How can i customize the size of search window?

    Look example Look an example

    Thanks for advice!

    7. How can i change the size of font for header group of “my account cart checkout”.

    Look example Look an example

    Thanks for advice!

    8. How can i customize a kind and a number of fields in new user application form?

    Thanks for advice!

    9. How can i make this number to be a dynamic data of a number of users of my site?

    Look example

    Thanks for advice!

    I’m preparing another portion of questions, and waiting for the answer for this portion. Thank a LOT! You are so kind!



    Somehow, I’ve killed a logo wall from the front page.. How can I put it back. I have logo chosen, but it’s invisible..

    SANKS for advice!


    Hello guys!

    I’m still waiting for the answers of my questions list above, and have a new question.

    I have an option to do update of woocommerce plugin, so shell i do this update or this will cause some trouble for abundance or others?

    Thanks a lot for advice!


    Sorry, I found this topic ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ), so I don need a separate answer here. Thanks!

    But still waiting so much an asters for my questions list! Thanks a lot!

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