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    Sorry I am a publisher not a programmer so this is new territory for me. I would like to go to the wide single single side bar.

    How can I mix some wide widget blocks with others that are only half as wide. Do they have to be paired? Or can a region just auto-fill until a full width widget is displayed?

    Sorry for the dufus question. I did search but didn’t seem to find this exact question.



    you can create several divs and widget areas or you can try to adjust things via css. I can’t give you detailed instructions as this is beyond the scope of this support forum.


    I actually have a similar question about adding two skyscraper ads (125px in width) side by side and social networking icons. I am trying to add custom social icons(32×32) in a text-widget and instead of being side by side it’s like a nbsp is being put between them. They are stacking. Can I modify this in style.css? Please help! BTW I also tried super small icons and it did the same thing.



    try following code:

    <img src="my-img.jpg" alt="" title="" style="display:inline;" />

    So you need to add style=”display:inline;” to your images.


    Dude you’re the best! Thanks so much! I hope you have a merry holiday!


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Hi Dude, I tried that code and it’s not working for my skyscrapers. Could it be because they are 125(w) x600(h)? The code did work for my social icons. Any ideas? Do I need to modify the style.css doc too? Thanks for your help!



    do you have a link for me. I think the sidebar width is to small so you can’t place the images side by side without adjusting the sidebar dimensions a bit.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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