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    Is there any way whatsoever you can find a way to incorporate the Accordion Slider (as in the Corona theme) into Choices? I’ve had to slot in a third party jquery accordion slider which means hard coding all the HTML into the header file and pulling in another 2 js files. I’d happily pay whatever it takes for a custom job if it’s not something you’d consider for an update.

    The sidebar tabs is a great looking feature but a little clunky if you have more than a few tabs. I have 12 tabs and end up with a page that’s so long, I couldn’t possibly hand it over to a client to edit. How about the following solution:

    I create 12 pages, one for each tab.

    When I hit the short code button for sidebar tabs, It asks me which pages I want to use, check box or multiple select.

    The sidebar tabs are then compiled from the chosen pages.

    This means that I can edit each tab page separately and easily rather than having to deal with a huge long page.

    Thanks for reading :)



    Hey Jon,

    I’ll forward the requests on to Kriesi and tag the topic for him to take a look at.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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