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    I recently moved from Propulsion to Replete and have to say that it’s amazing! :)

    But I have two problems now:

    1) Cart dropdown displays nothing:

    2) The checkout page is half screen:

    As about checkout page, maybe I’ve made some changes in woocommerce styles earlier for Propulsion and now don’t remember…

    Any suggestions?


    Also I need to insert a small icon to the left of the Cart dropdown as shown on the pic. How to do it the right way?


    One more bug found:

    When I select “Page content” and “Product” for the page in Template builder, the breadcrumbs wrong show me that I’m in the Store (twice in the Store).

    Now (incorrect at all, Market and Market refers to one page):

    You are here: Frontpage > Market > Market > Accessories

    Correct for Accessories:

    You are here: Frontpage > Market > Accessories

    Must be (correct for that page):

    You are here: Frontpage > Service > iPad


    I can provide you complete Russian translation of the Replete if you’ll include it to the next update.


    Hi Kirill,

    For the breadcrumb issue, you may need to remove the option to prepend the permalinks with the shop base. You can alter the settings for this in WooCommerce>Settings>Pages under the Permalinks section.

    For the other issues, we’ll need to take a look at your site live. I’ve seen the checkout issue before but it was solved by removing a plugin that was conflicting with the theme code so try disabling all active plugins except for WooCommerce.




    Removing the option to prepend the permalinks with the shop base doesn’t make sense to the breadcrumbs, I tried.

    You can checkout, for example, that page:

    The correct way – URL. Incorrect way – breadcrumb.

    If I remove the Product section from that page, the breadcrumb becomes correct.


    And take a look to the frontpage, if I enable Product section in Template builder, the breadcrumb for the front page shows wrongway too:

    Now, if Product enabled: You are here: Frontpage > Market > Market > Product category

    And correct: You are here: Frontpage


    For this page: , what settings did you use to create it? I’m just trying to see if I can re-create the issue you are having as basic categories and breadcrumbs on my installation aren’t getting these same results.




    I see now, and you have that set as a child then of the shop in the page that template is assigned to?

    Either way, I’m not entirely sure that the breadcrumbs can support that kind of hierarchy detection. You can try removing the parent link from that page if its there, or if it isn’t adding it. This would be on the page itself and not the template using the metabox for Page Attributes.




    Devin, please take a look:

    p.s. what about other problems that I described above?



    You can take care of that with CSS since products will certainly add another class to the body tag , and then just use display:none for those pages.

    #top.single-product .bc-container-wrap {
    display: none;




    Okay, and can you please give me any suggestions about other questions/bugs?



    Are you using Replete or this is custom merge of the two themes that you spoke about on this thread ? By that I mean, are there parts from multiple themes you bought inside Replete, or is it Replete without ‘extra parts’?

    1) – Cart dropdown displays nothing: –

    Have you create a woocommerce directory within your theme to override the plugin?

    Please look at file mini.php in woocommerce plugin folder in /templates/cart/ directory. Does line 50 look like this

    <li class="empty"><?php _e('No products in the cart.', 'woocommerce'); ?></li>

    Have you modified the templates themselves or the theme files? I would suggest to download (or whatever equivalent if you have mac/linux) and to download a clean folder with the woocommerce and with the theme, and do a folder to folder comparison. You should instantly see where the differences in the code are in every file on a line by line – side by side basis.

    2) – Checkout page is half screen

    Have you investigated if this is propulsion css?

    3) – Icon Insertion

    *I will add something here shortly , working on it.*





    I’m also meanwhile getting crazy about this breadcrumb issue, where I too see one element to much appearing between home and category:

    Home > product > category > product title.

    tried to hide it with the css provided by Nick > still there of course because this second element “product” in my breadcrumb does not has an own class.

    I’m investigating this now for 3 days

    any idea out there?




    Nick, it’s clean Replete without any changes. I just placed our phone numbers on the top, but it’s simple text and all problems were before.


    addendum: whatever I change ie. going back closed to post installation settings, it is alway something like (germen) Startseite > Home > Category.

    I don’t understand… the two most left hand breadcrumbs are always have the same target.

    when I put the yoast seo breadcrumb somewhere into the header for testing, the beahviour is correct up to the category level, but on a product detail page the unneccessary bredcrumb gets added as well!


    I found the cause of cart dropdown incorrect display – it was one of the plugins, now I’m think of replacement for that plugin.


    @kirill can you name the plugin please which may cause it?

    @gstom Sorry, for the delay. Do you have a url to show please? Is your browser set up for German or English and does your website have any translations?




    Hi Nick,

    sorry but it is yet .htaccess protected.

    I achieved meanwhile some progress in this issue. But still I’m not very lucky about the breadcrumb behaviour.

    At the moment I end up, that the last portion of the BC is displaying a category while I’m on the startpage :-| crazy stuff / hard to understand for me




    You know that you can modify htaccess to password protect for everyone but keep certain IPs open with this code

    # password protect excluding specific ip
    <IfModule mod_auth.c>
    AuthName "Username and password required"
    AuthUserFile / (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -HERE/.htpasswd
    AuthType Basic
    Require valid-user
    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from
    Satisfy Any

    You can add as many IP as you want.




    Nick, so this is your IP: ?



    Yes, that is his IP address.




    added it

    can I provide the url anywhere else than here?


    You can hide the URL using something like and then post the shortened URL here. That way it doesn’t get picked up by search engines or anything.




    You are not building or by any chance? Maybe its best I don’t see it. I seen movies that start like this but the web support guy never makes it past the first 10 minutes. :)




    @nick, plugin Vkontakte API



    if i might add something to that icon, i have solved it with css

    changed in ../woocommerce-config/woocommerce-mod.css

    line: 206

    please be sure the icon is in that place on the server, as its not with the default installation, upload it.

    .cart_dropdown {

    background: url(“../images/icons/cart.png”) no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;

    line-height: 38px;

    position: absolute;

    right: -15px;

    top: -9px;

    z-index: 111;



    @kirill are you certain that causes the problem, because nothing is different on your website. I discussed the matter with Peter who had a recommendation :

    “I know the cause…. need some time to find the “best” solution.

    In woocommercewidgetswidget-cart.php search for following line:..” (and comment it out by placing // in front of the line )

    if ( is_cart() || is_checkout() ) return;

    Would you try that please and let us know if it worked so a more permanent solution can be created.


    I am looking in the demo but can’t seem to find what image of the cart you refer to.




    @nick, the plugin is enabled now, so the problem still there.

    p.s. please give me an advice for this:

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