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    After changing themes as suggested in a previous issue: “CHOICES COMPARABILITY WITH YOAST SEO PLUG IN” my whole website went a little berserk when I changed back to Choices.

    I fixed most of it.

    THREE issues remain (two in the Indonesian language version)

    1) On the English home page the widgets to the right (two images) have disappeared and been replaced by a menu and archive.

    2) The home page in Indonesian will just not open. This is quite interesting as the URL flashes a little.- – at the end of /id/ an extra second stroke (/) flashes on and off.

    3) The kontak (Indonesian) page will just not open.

    Thanks and best wishes



    Oh I just noticed the reason the home page does not open is apparently because there are too many redirects. Is this serious?


    I got the Kontak page to open.

    Also the Indonesian homepage opens something now – but it is a blog page and not the right one.


    I have fixed most of it but now the sidebars do not show up on the Indonesian homepage – compare to the English version



    When you changed back to Choices, some of your Theme Options reverted back to default including portfolios, frontpage etc. You need to reconfigure it again.

    You also need to edit each language separately.




    Thanks Ismael

    I solved the problem by deleting the template and just working from the WP page. That is fine. Actually I will do that for all of them as I think I prefer to work away from the templates now.

    HOWEVER – now I get a big black breadcrumb under the menu and both home pages.

    I read to delete this I should delete . . . . . if(!is_front_page()) echo avia_breadcrumbs(); ph files. Well I have looked three times but I can not find that sentence.

    How can I remove that black breadcrumb?



    Please open up functions-choices.php and delete following line to remove the breadcrumb:

    if(!is_front_page() && $breadcrumb) $additions .= avia_breadcrumbs();

    Best regards,



    I did that and I am afraid two things happened.

    1) nothing – the breadcrumb bar remains

    2) the Indonesian homepage stopped working and now opens as the blog (I fixed that before so hope I can do it again)

    I put the sentence back in the pho file now.

    Any other suggestions?




    1.) I visited the site and I don’t see a big black breadcrumb under the menu. Is this fixed?

    2.) Again, on your websitete, changing to Indonesian language, I am being redirected to a page with the title “Beranda”. I assume this is not your homepage because it should be “Rumah” for “Home” according to google translate. Going back to your Indonesian Dashboard > Choice (IN) > Theme Options > Frontpage Settings > Did you set this correctly?




    Thanks Ismael

    I fixed the Indonesian homepage problem (rumah means house. Beranda is correct.)

    The settings are correct in the theme options.

    It is strange I have cleared all the cache and still the big black breadcrumbs appear.

    Actually I deleted all the templates and now only work through the page itself. Since doing that ALL pages now have the black breadcrumbs.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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