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    I’m having trouble with two issues in internet explorer. (Yes I know it’s not the best browser)

    Issue 1. Logo in menu bar is not sitting correctly in place(only happens in explorer) it sticks into the content page on the right of the menu

    Issue 2. I have an h7 style on certain words in the text to highlight the word ‘TRANSITION’ in red, but in explorer it is grey like the rest of the copy?

    Last thing, I have an image in the mini content on the home page. It currently highlights and lightbox enlarges when you click on it. I don’t want this to happen. How can I change the css for this in the mini content area only?

    The site is live on

    Really need your help please.





    Kriesi has been notified about the first issue.

    2) H7 isn’t an official HTML tag, which is why IE possibly won’t recognise it.

    3) You can upload an image, when uploaded select “URL NONE” and insert it into the post, this should keep it from applying the lightbox effect.

    Let me know if it works :)


    Thanks for your reply.

    Have sorted h7 issue and lightbox effect, thanks for your advice.

    Still have issue with menu bar logo it won’t stay in place in IE8 migrates right, into text box?



    Personally I can’t test live for older IE versions, I’ll notify Kriesi again on this issue (I believe I’ve already contacted him about this earlier this month so he should be aware.)


    This is also happening to me. Is there a solution?


    Logo Problem fixed in IE8 with:

    #top.MSIE8 .logo img{



    Adjust px for your site


    Glad that you found a solution :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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