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    Hello again!

    I have two questions:

    1. I am looking to have the fullscreen with the navigation controls on the bottom for the entirety of my gallery. However, I would like to add a thumbnail slider that will allow viewers to preview the photos before they click on it. The idea is to make it look something like this: <– This has the desired thumbnail slider on every page, whereas I just want mine for the gallery…

    2. How do I tailor the right hand content box to change for every image on display. So for instance, if I have an image of a boat, how do I change it so that the content box adjusts to describe the boat in the image?

    Help is sincerely appreciated.



    ad 1:) I am not sure I understand: once you switch to the gallery view of page you will be able to view the thumbnails and click them just like in the theme you linked to. What exactly do you want to accomplish?

    add 2.) If you are talking about the mini content box that is also visible on the theme demo starting page: This is unfortunately not possible with this theme. You could of course do some heavy modifications and display each images caption within that box but this is unfortunately a modification that is too big for the support forum we got here and more of a customization job :)

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    Hope this helps!

    Best regards



    Hi Kriesi,

    Thanks for your help.

    I have a question: if one alters the html in loop-page.php will my code display instead of your entry?

    I want to completely customise the page.php template for myself so that I can float a big container div in the center of the page, next to the sidebar. Where would I put my additional code for that div?


    Yes, if you alter the code for pages it will of course be displayed. Since I dont have a layout on what you are trying to accomplish its hard to tell were the best way to ad an additional div would b.

    If you want that div to float next to the content It would probably best to add it at line 26 or 29.

    If you want it outside the content area at line 13 or 67


    Hi — sorry to keep following up this post with more questions, but I just need a bit more clarification.

    You said if I want to float a div next to the content. I want to completely remove the blog post so that there is a big, centered div taking up most of the screen next to the sidebar. What code should I remove to get rid of JUST the blog post… so I can insert a div next to the sidebar. Would I also add my CSS for the div in my custom.css?

    Thanks for your patience.


    Just to make it clear — I want to completely delete any type of blog post, and put my div as the only thing in the middle of the page. Thanks very much again!


    Hey! Not sure if I understand correctly but you want your blogposts to display this div instead of the post content for each blog post?

    Then you would need to open the file includes/loop-index.php and remove line 116-123.

    in line 114 (before the php tag) you could add your div

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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