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    We have designated in the theme settings which page we want to use for our blog posts. We have two categories in our blog but we do not want both categories to display on the same page so I specified in the theme settings that the 2nd category does not display on the blog posts page.

    Our problem is, we want the blog posts from the 2nd category to display in a separate page exactly like they do in the page for the 1st category. They currently show up as an archive (with a ‘read more’ button) but we want the blog posts in category 2 to display exactly like the posts in category 1–without the ‘read more button’.

    Can this be done? If I were to allow all posts to be displayed (regardless of category), is there a plugin that would sort them for me and do what I need?



    you can modify archive.php so that it looks like the blog template however this would also affect other archives. Another solution would be to create a new page template. Duplicate the blog template and renme it (.i.e. template_archive.php). Then open it up and replace:

    Template Name: Blog


    Template Name: Archive

    and replace

    $negative_cats = preg_replace("!(d)+!","-${0}$0", $k_option['blog']['blog_cat_final']);


    $negative_cats = "30";

    Instead of 30 insert your category id. Then select this template to appear on a page of your choice.


    That worked… thanks.


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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