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    Hi Forum,

    there is another thing not working with my flashlight theme. Maybe you can help: The amount of twitter follower are not updating. It’s been shown in the left sidebar and my follower status says 170 instead of 171.

    Can you help?

    Thanx in advance.




    the server caches the number and updates it every 12 hours. You can change the period though. Open up flashlightframeworkphpclass-framework-widgets.php and search for:

    set_transient($optionkey, 1, 60*60*12);

    You can decrease 60*60*12 to any other values (i.e. to 60*60 = 1 hour ).


    Hi Dude,

    sorry, but the twitter status is not updating at all. For days it says 170 follower instead of 171. Can I reset the app or flush it somehow?

    Thx. Marco


    This seems to be related. My twitter posts have not been updated using the twitter widget for the last month. I use shortcode to put it at the bottom of this page:

    [widget widget_name=”avia_newsbox” widget_class_name=”newsbox” count=”5″ excerpt=”show title only”]


    Yes, Twitter started to shutdown the current api on June 11 ( ) and our widget does not support the new api. Thus the widget won’t work anymore. You can use a plugin like which supports the new api or generate a widget here: (just insert the script/code into a text widget). Because the new authentication process is very complex we decided that we won’t bundle a twitter widget with the theme anymore and we’ll remove it with the next update.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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