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    Hi, my client wants these removed, despite my advice. Can you tell me how this is done? Thanks!


    Open up coherence/includes/loop-index.php, coherence/includes/loop-portfolio-single.php and delete following code:

    echo '<div class="like-count minor-meta">';
    echo avia_facebook_like($id);
    echo '</div><span class="text-sep like-count-sep">/</span>';

    echo '<span class="tweets-count minor-meta">';
    echo avia_retweet($id);
    echo '</span><span class="text-sep tweets-count-sep">/</span>';


    Dude, I removed the code from the first file ok (loop-iindex.php),the site was fine, then I removed it from loop-portfolio-single.php, and the portfolios were wiped out. I returned the code to the 2nd file, and all is good, but the likes and tweets are still there. What did we do wrong?

    -no panic


    Hey pelyon,

    It might have been just a bit too much deleting or not enough. A single extra bracket } can through everything into a panic so double check that you are only deleting those lines in loop-portfolio-single.php.

    Also don’t remove the <?php that is just above those lines in loop-portfolio-single.php, that needs to stay there.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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