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    Im wondering, how can i turn-on the “index,follow”. Or, aty least “index, nofollow” for my Categotyes & Tags?

    Im aware or probable “Google Duplicate” issue. But, my blog is connected onto “Google Autorship” (so duplicates is not an issue). Plus, i use Categoryes as main navigation item on my blog (and not “Archives”).

    One more thing. I use SEO by Yoast (famous plugin), and there, i have no restriction to not to follow categoryestags. So i suppose, that its something abotu the php code. Right?


    One more question with the close-related topic. By default, the wordpress have a “Category Description” field which is manageble for any category. Im not sure, but i think its should be looking like a short lines of test in pages like that:

    I trying to fulfill that “Categody Desctiprion” text field for “1800petmeds” category (ofc!). But i see no changes on the website.

    Any clues here? How to turn that on?

    (Btw, there is also a “SEO Description” field which is manageble. When i put some text there, i can actually see it in the “source code” of the category page. But, yet again, no text on the page itself. Only on its source code. I know, its like a 50% success already, at least from the SEO point of view. But what about showinf the “Description” text for categoryes archives? M?



    Help pls (((



    try to remove following code from header.php:

    if (function_exists('avia_set_follow')) { echo avia_set_follow(); }

    – this will remove the theme “robots follow/nofollow” output. WPSEO will handle everything else for you (if it’s configured right).

    I’m not sure why the “category description” doesn’t work though. The theme doesn’t generate an output here and WPSEO uses the wp_head hook to output the meta data. Maybe try another configuration….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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