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    We would like to turn off YouTube’s recommended videos in the player. I figured this can be done by passing “rel=0” to the YouTube video URL in the embed / iframe.

    I tested this by adding rel=0 on the iframe URL and it worked. I tried adding rel=0 to the YouTube URL I used in the Slideshow Video, but that did not work.

    I also figured prettyPhoto supports this attribute if present.

    But am not sure what changes do I need to do to achieve this results. What files do I need to change? Where?


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    Hi niravmehta,

    I’m not sure how you could do this with how the theme strips out and re-modifies the youtube links. I’ve tagged the thread for Kriesi to take a look at and in the mean time I’ll need to dig into the theme files a bit and see if its easily modified. If so, it would be for all youtube video links but that may not be an issue.




    Yes, that would be awesome. Removing related videos from all embeds is no problem.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi niravmehta,

    In your theme files, open up js>adaptavia.js and search for:


    Replace that with:


    Then re-upload to your files on your server in the same place and that should do it.




    Excellent! That worked!

    Thanks for the help Devin.


    Great! Glad I could help :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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