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    This may seem a bit backwards from the usual requests but I am trying to get a plugin to overflow on a specific page and not cut off. Currently the Brightbox theme has page widths set at 940px wide? I have a huge (10k px+ wide) family tree chart that can’t be squished down to that small of a size and dropping it in a scroll box has worked fine but I think it may be a bit more usable if people can simply resize their browser window and use the browser scrollbars to navigate.

    I’ve tried adding a bit of custom css, though I’m not really sure if this is right as nothing changes. {

    Perhaps this is something that needs to be changed elsewhere?

    The page:


    Hi naomivandoren,

    It would be easier to simply link directly to the image file. If you embed the thumbnail in the page and then set the link to go directly to the image it will open within the browser as you’re thinking. You could also edit the html link to include a _blank attribute to the link so that the image opens in a new window.





    Hi Devin. That is what I would do if it was an image file but its a wordpress plugin that uses shortcode within the page to generate the Google org chart. Sorry, I should have mentioned that again in the description and not just the title of this post.


    Oh I see now, Sorry about that!

    Well, you have a couple of options depending on how you want it to look and function. First, you could just use: .entry-content{

    Which will give you the content area with the big family tree cut off on the sides (to the site width of 940px) but a user could scroll. Alternatively, you could set the overflow to visible instead. Which will then show the whole tree as it expand out to the right and then give the whole window scroll bars.

    Hope that helps :)




    Thank you so much. Worked just like I needed.



    Glad that Devin could help you :)

    Best regards,


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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