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    Hi I just used the import dummy data – and was wondering how / where i can edit the info on the home page??

    If i go to pages > welcome > i cant find where the current dummy info is. I like the general design but cant find the “why this theme” and the three column grid below. Can anyone help me find / edit where this information is please.



    Maybe the homepage uses a dynamic template? Go to Corona > Template Builder and check if a “Frontpage” template exists. If yes click on it and edit existing elements and/or delete/add new elements.




    Perfect, thank you!

    I cant figure out on the home page, with the portfolio items when you click the “read more” where that information is so i can update that to match what I want it to say. I took a look at the other portfolio items and it looks like it leads back to a post via the “slug” but i cant figure it out.

    Am i on the right track?


    Hi JamesPRidley,

    I believe that gets pulled from the Excerpt field on the individual portfolio item.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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