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    I have gone into the footer.php file and added the following code to the social bookmarks list:

    <li class=’YouTube’>YouTube

    And when you look at our website:

    It shows up as you would expect it to, the only problem is that it for some reason get’s a rel=”lightbox[auto_group]” added to it when it renders on the web and is trying to open up a Lightbox instead of simply linking to our YouTube account. How do I stop it from doing this and just behave as a normal link in the list?


    This is from the Template Documentation, hope it helps.

    E) JavaScript – top

    The theme uses advanced jQuery functions. You do not need to know how to use jQuery to activate them, almost everything is controlled by wordpress. All the function calls as well as as the custom created jQuery plugins like the aviaslider are located in the custom.js file.

    Lightbox: prettyphoto (my_lightbox(“a[rel^=’prettyPhoto’], a[rel^=’lightbox’]”);)

    the lightbox gets automatically applied to links that contain images, youtube videos, vimeo videos, mov files and swf files. if you dont want to activate the lightbox on any of those links add the class ‘noLightbox’. if you manually want to apply the lightbox to a link you can add the rel=’lightbox’ attribute to the tag.

    Better documentation can be found here:


    Thanks Ilya for helping us out.


    I am doing the same.. Is this the correct way to add ‘noLightbox’ to the a tag? Here is my code:

    echo "<li class='youtube'><a class= 'ie6fix noLightbox' href=''>youtube</a></li>";

    It works, I just want to make sure the ie fix still works too…



    The code doesn’t influence the ie6fix (png fix).


    FANTASTIC! Works like a charm. Thanks for the heads up on this, really appreciate the help!


    Got it. Thanks!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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