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    I have a big issue: I cannot upload any media because the icon does not work. When I click it, nothing happens. If I active the WP defaut theme, it works perfectly. When I go back to Newscast, nothing. I have not installed new plugin, but I have restore an old backup, same thing, the upload icon does not work in Newscast. What can I do? What is happening? How can I fix this?

    Thanks for any idea and help!


    I also have reinstalled WP, same thing: in Newscast the media icon does not open the uploading window. I am stuck there :-(


    Now I have re-install the theme newscast and lost all my settings, but still, clicking on the media icon is not opening any window for uploading. Sob! Please, help! Someone?


    I had uninstalled unused old themes, and since then I have this file in the theme folder: __MACOSX. In the file there is another file called Newscast. So it is related with Newscast. Maybe it should be somewhere else and not in the theme file on the same level as the entire newscast file? Hope this helps…


    Forget my last post. I have just deleted this extra file. But still I am searching a solutin for the media icon which does not work. This is a nightmare..


    Please try to install the theme manually to make sure that all files are in the correct folder. Unpack the themeforest zip file, then unpack Use tools like filezilla to transfer the newscast folder via ftp to your server. Navigate to wp-content/themes, delete all “old” theme files and then upload the newscast folder from your harddrive to the server. Upload the folder into wp-content/themes.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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