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    hi there,

    first thanks for providing these nice work….

    using the abundance theme i´m faced 2 problems till now.

    1) there is some trouble with the colors of the text on the cart and checkout page when using dark header/footer color…

    as the color of text and background are both very dark you simply can not read the text anymore…

    even on your demosite there is that issue.

    I fixed the problem with the quick css field by over writing the color: .post-entry-portfolio-first strong, .entry-content strong{

    color: #b20000;


    not 100 percent satisfied with the result – but I can live with that … just wanted to let you know – in case that you haven´t recognized till now…

    2) i have a big problem when i use woocommerce shortcode for adding an “add to cart button” to an post or page…

    like – [add_to_cart id=”99″]

    it always produces some unpredictable rectangle, which fills the full with of the the colomn…

    tried to fix this the same way then color problem… BUT

    with firebug i can figure out the lines and the values which should be changed :

    <p class=”product” style=”border:4px solid #ccc; padding: 12px;”>


    –> css/section: {

    border: 4px solid #CCC;

    padding: 12px;


    for me without proper skills of computer language it is just not possible to find the right files to change.

    spend a nice time reading all these code in the css files – also have most of the js and a lot of the others read till now.

    as i´m prefere to spend my weekend on something more interesting than reading code without understanding i would kindly request your support for solving this agenda.

    some info on my blog … maybe it helps:

    tried it on 3 installations of WP, which are almost identical

    1) (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -qatar-01/ –> this will get my site… will hide the problem…

    2) (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / (>>> for testing out – the link points to a post with demo on the problem)

    3rd one without abundace theme:

    the problem stays on even when all plug ins, (except woocommerce and theme) are deactivated…

    the problem is not occurring on theme twenty eleven (the ugly rectangle yes – but it´s displayed like on the documentation of woocomerce…

    hope this helps you to circle the problem a little bit…

    ..thanks a lot ….


    … struggling with english skills but therefore little proud that austria seems to have the hell of wordpress coders ;-)…


    Hey newsfootage,

    Can you try adding the following to your Quick CSS:

    .cufon_headings .product {
    display: none;

    I’ve reported the text issue to Kriesi as others have recently run into the same thing. Let us know if that doesn’t work for you, or if you continue to have issues.




    sorry not working… problem stays the same…


    Hi newsfootage,

    Can you try adding the following to your Quick CSS located at the bottom of the Styling tab:

    .entry-content .product {
    border: 0px !important;

    I added it into the site via Firebug inspector and it removed it from view. If it doesn’t work, please keep it so I can continue to identify the issue.




    No sorry :-(

    is it ok to have more than one piece of code in quick css – i still have there the fix for the total/ chart sum color problem?

    –> but on this test i also tried by removing the other piece of code…)

    with firebug I also can change it nicely but as i was searching for solution – i stumbled upon this “ {}” issue which is said to be some indices that the css comes from some other source than style…css file….

    sorry have no clue about coding – i´m just TV / video guy — not to deep into computer and programing stuff …

    but also in your forum i found some advice from you guys that that stuff like this has to be somewhere fixed in other “file like /js…

    hope i don´t piss you off by showing up smart -ass… and that there is solution to the problem…

    i also can live with some work around – just have to get add to chart button somehow reasonable next to the video – so that it makes sense and that it is not so much play around with the rectangular for layouting. ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) / – example on best solution now… :-(



    Hi newsfootage,

    I’ve adjusted the code above to target a more general css class. Just to be sure, I created a single product on a test site under the same circumstances and used the css in the Quick CSS to verify that it works.



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