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    Dear Kriesi Team

    I am having trouble with the responsive version of your theme Choices.

    When I look at the Gallery from my iPhone it is not possible to click on the pictures to get to the picture description. The only way to do that is by clicking on the small title below. I personally don’t think that is very user-friendly. How can I fix that issue?

    The page in question is

    Thanks in advance! ;-)


    This seems to be an Iphone (maybe also ipad) specific issue because your gallery thumbnails are clickable on my Android 4.0 ICS phone. I’ll mark this thread for Nick and Kriesi – both can test your website with an ipad/iphone.



    Please upgrade your theme to version 1.6 which includes support for ios6. The update is available at Themeforest. Please be aware that installing the update overwrites all your theme files including custom.css, so please make a backup of your current files (if you’ve customized any) prior to installation.




    Thanks a lot! I did upload version 1.6 and it perfectly works now! ;-)


    Hi Cdfb,

    Glad that Nick helped you. :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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