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    My client just informed me that one of his customers could not get past the first page of the new website. I have checked the website in all browsers. The only issue seems to be with IE7. Using this browser the website does not function properly. You can not move from the home page. If you put another URL from the website in the browser you can get to that page but nothing works.

    the website is

    Hope someone can help.



    Hi again

    Still can’t resolve this issue.

    I know you guys are really busy but I would really appreciate some help in solving this problem.

    Once again, thanks.



    I tried to reproduce the issue with the IE9 developer console but I couldn’t. What kind of issues do you experience? JS errors? Or css/styling issues?




    Hey Peter

    The issue is only with IE7 – IE8/9/10 are working fine. I have also checked with Chrome, Safari and Firefox and so far no issues.

    It is only IE7

    When you go to the website using IE7 you can’t move past the home page. The website looks basically the same as in other browsers but none of the functionality works ; that includes the menu. You can add another of the website’s URL’s in the browser to get to another page eg or But then the same sort of issues happen – nothing works – you can move past that page.

    If you check with IE7 I am sure you will see what I am trying to explain. It’s almost like a frozen website in IE7

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi again

    The only thing that seems to work in IE7 is the home page slider. (error in previous message – you cannot move past any page)

    I have also checked on iPad, iPhone and in the browser Opera and everything seems fine.

    Hoping you can help.

    Thanks again.



    I am in Australia and it’s 9.30pm so I am finishing work for the night.

    I would appreciate any help and advise that your team can provide.

    Thanks in advance.



    I am still trying to find an answer for the website not working in IE7. I know the theme supports it so there has to be an answer.

    As I said before the website looks the same but seems frozen and has no functionality in this browser – except for the homepage slider.

    I put the site under maintenance to see if I could find the answer. I turned off all the plugins to see if there was an issue there. I got the same result. I also removed the custom.css to see if that was the issue but I still got the same result.

    I’m not sure what else to do. I would really appreciate some help.




    I am aware that your team is very busy but I am at a loss as to how to resolve this problem.

    This is a live website so it is important. There are a number of regular customers with old computers who are using IE7. As I said before, every web page exists and looks the same but has no functionality. It seems frozen apart from the home slider.

    I have looked at a few other sites made with the abundance theme (as well as the theme demo) and they work in IE7 so I know that this is an issue that has an answer. And it’s probably a simple solution. But I can’t find it.

    I am happy to give you access to the site and provide you with the changes I made to see if you can help fix this problem.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    Could it be something with the mega menu? Have you tried to disable just for testing purposes? Someone reported problems with mine in IE7 as well and the menu was unclickable as well


    Thanks for that. I checked the mega menu but no that’s the cause, the website is still not functioning in IE7.

    Hoping someone from the Kriesi Team can help!


    I still haven’t resolved this issue.

    It would be great to get some direction or suggestions.




    Let me tag Kriesi to check this out.




    Thanks Ismael. I appreciate the help.



    I’ll close this thread for now. Kriesi can reopen it anytime.

    Best regards,



    Heyy! did quie some testing and although I can reproduce it on your site, the theme works perfectly fine on mine. Are there any plugins running that might interfere. any css modifications with overlays, etc?

    Seems to me that there might simply be an issue with a div not clearing a float correctly and therefore stretching across the site. Unfortunately I cant really help with that since ie doesnt offer any debugging tools. what I would recommend is to download a fresh version of the theme, rename the theme folder and in the style.css file at the top also the theme name and test if its happening in the default theme as well. If not it must have something to do with

    – a plugin/script

    – a modification to the css


    Thanks for that Kriesi, I appreciate all the help your team provides.

    In trying to find a solution, I have disabled all extra plugins and removed the custom css but still got the same results. Obviously I missed something.

    I will try your new suggestion and let you know how it goes. It is a live site so I will wait until Sunday to try this.



    I looked at the site in IE7 and here are some things you should please try. After each step, please look through a real IE7.(not an emulator).

    1) Please remove from the code the this plugin: (it does not exist physically but is referenced in the code). Please check that this isn’t hardcoded into the header.

    <SCRIPT type=text/javascript src=""></SCRIPT>

    2) The image below doesn’t exist but is referenced by the code. please place it in the folder or remove from code for now. Extra errors muddy the water especially when dealing with IE7.

    3) Please remove the 4th image in the slider. the one of the cat.and a fishing bowl.

    I looked at the code, and the IE7 problem is caused by some plugin/custom-modification which the already unstable and unpredictable IE7 interprets as taking random parts of the code and inserting them into the menus.

    If you feel that its worth spending the time on the 1.2% of web users who continue using a defective 6 year old browser with well documented back-doors every hacker is aware of, then I would recommend plan A. The second plan, Plan B, would in my view be a better decision, equivalent of warning an amateur fisherman not to go fishing on a leaky boat during a hurricane (which is what IE7 is).

    Plan B – Offer visitors a choice to install the Google Chrome frame which is a quick download that runs in the background allowing IE7 to ‘see the web’ with the eyes of a modern browser (or better yet, to upgrade) . However, if Plan B is not an option, then :

    Plan A – Would involve quickly setting up a sub-domain on the same server – dev.bozofishing (for example). Then a fresh WordPress install, along with installing the latest version of Abundance. After checking that the Theme works properly running on the sub-domain on IE7 (as on the demo as well as my locahost), please begin adding the plugins and customization one at a time from the live site while keeping an eye on IE7..

    Plan A cont..At some point you will locate the culprit when IE7 breaks. After removing the defective customization, a quick switch of the virtual directories between the live and the dev sub-domain will result in zero downtime. Plan A could be accomplished in a couple of hours, depending on which customization causes the error and the ease of replacing it.

    On a side-note , Australian ecommerce sites started adding a 6% service charge for shoppers who use iIE7 ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -popup.jpg )

    The site looks great, by the way, in all modern browsers that I tested it in, and after looking at it for so long, I am going fishing next weekend.

    This ( ) is the IE7 code dump. If you save it on your desktop as test.html , and open it using Google Chrome (it crashes firefox), you will see the site as IE7 interpreted it.




    Hi Nick

    Thanks for all the work you and the rest of the team put into this for me. I really appreciate the help, information and advice.

    I agree with you that Plan B is the way to go.

    Since this issue has been ongoing for a couple of months, I have already advised customers and potential customers (via Facebook) on the benefits of using modern browsers. I included links to these browsers.

    I will fix the issues you point out though.

    Thanks again.


    Glad Nick could help you! I’m going to close the thread for now. We’re here though if you need more help.



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