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    I am trying to create a dynamic template page in Choices. I would like to have the breadcrumbs header at top, page split, then two columns one on the left showing the current page followed by the subpages for that page on the right hand side I want that to be my content area to be able to display whatever I choose to enter on the page.

    For some reason when I set this up in the template builder the content keeps being placed right under the breadcrumbs header instead of in the column to the right?

    Link to what it looks like: http://www.staging-sealtrainingadventures.com/?page_id=725&preview=true

    Choices Template Builder Settings used:

    Dynamic Template Page Layout: left sidebar

    Elements in order: Page Split, Headings (+breadcrumbs), Page Split, Post/Page Content

    Essentially this format: http://www.staging-sealtrainingadventures.com/template-files/archivesitemap/?preview=true&preview_id=56&preview_nonce=a34e3155d1

    Except I want a custom menu left only display the subpages for that page and on the right I want to have pictures and content.




    There is an issue about adding the Page Split element. The sidebar is gone when you add it. Let me tag this to Kriesi.





    should be fixed with the next version of Choices, released tomorrow morning ;)

    Best regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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