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    I have a site I am building and thank you for all the help in the forum, even me with NO EXPERIENCE has made progress, however I still need to make some additional changes.

    The yellow button on fronpage mini or the Request a Quote in COMPANY has the contact form, I want it to reset to form with THANK YOU your message has been sent! and a button NEW MESSAGE which clears when customer clicks it.

    the transperency of the navi on left top need to be restored so it seems like its as default will be.


    Hello turboper4mer,

    I don’t really know what you mean in your description. Can you explain a bit more on exactly what you are trying to achieve?

    I did notice the sidebar on your contact page is a bit off in alignment. Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #top {
    left: 1022px;
    top: 50px;

    And remove this that you already have: {
    left: 972px!important;




    Thank you for the response, but strangely in Windows Vista the screen show nice layout and transparent but only if there are enough widgets other wise the spacing is weird and transparency changes, I changed the css but it makes the side bar move further away, and the spacing on product page, all product page and all pages under COMPANY have different spacings..why?

    The code did not work in windows vista it makes the sidebar move away too far and now if you check the SHOP/ALL PRODUCTS page you will see it sits away from the main content area.

    In Explorer and Chrome the transparency is not how it shows in Vista (all even ) I can send screen shots to show you how I want to see it. in addition the little space above the LOGO in NAVIGATION I want it to be clear like before so it is like floating as before adding the transparency..

    Can we change the color of text on the site to darker, it seems like the color is too light to work with transparency?

    For the contact form, after an email it sent the form vanishes and text appears “Email Sent” I want the form to clear out and stay visible but maybe a second dark curtain appears (like seeing enlarged product images)with the EMAIL SENT message and once you click the exit X box, the form is available to send another email. Can we add any addon to enforce typing a random code to send emails?

    I’ll have a lot more questions…but will space them so I dont freak anyone!



    I can’t really fix things just for “windows vista” alone. As far as I know, the OS has nothing that would effect all browsers in the way you are describing.

    If you are using a specific browser or an outdated browser (IE7 for instance) I would suggest upgrading it so we can properly diagnose things.

    I don’t know what all you have modified so far but it looks like there are some odd inconsistencies with page size. For now, you can fix the sidebar on the woo commerce pages with:

    #top.woocommerce-page {
    left: 972px;
    top: 49px;

    Transparency may not work exactly the same on all browsers and versions depending on how it gets added in. Using RGBA as you have will not work on Internet Explorer 8, 7 or 6 and older versions of Firefox and Opera.

    For the main sidebar with the logo, you added the background color with RGBA which is why you don’t have the space at the top. One way to get it back would be to re set the sidebar class as having a transparent background with:

    #top .sidebar {
    background: transparent url(../images/skin-minimal/bg-trans.png) repeat 0 0;

    You can change font colors in the Theme Options>Styling.

    The contact form can’t have the effect you are describing without completely customizing it. You can look into using other contact forms via plugins that may get the result you are looking for.




    Ok, so I have Win7 on on 6 computers all with IE9 and Google Chrome and my laptop has Win Vista with Google Chrome and IE9.

    3 computers have same WIDE HP Monitors set to ctrl-0 and one is a WIDE DELL set to ctrl-0 and two are CRT 17″ set to ctrl-0 but all display the website different!

    To test I have PRIMARY color set to RED #fa0000 and it showing as links, FONT is set to BLUE #0011ff but only place I see that is on the red dots in the only product Variety Buttons. SECONDARY is set to YELLOW #faf600 and that shows as hovered link.

    The rest of the text is all grey and headings are darker, I want to turn up the notch on grey or be able to change al text to other colors to more darker so its easier to read on transparent background. Where is the setting for the color on the whole text on the website…there is also green showing in the price links for woo products and I think that may be controlled by woo settings.

    The navigation MAIN text changes color with selection except the link to pages for COMPANY, that will randomly some times on its own take on PRIMARY or SECONDARY or FONT color in Google CHROME or IE9. Is there a way to get COMPANY to change color when a page is selected from COMPANY

    There is also need for BREADCRUMB NAVIGATION on pages, how do I get that to show?



    Additional issue, has the template been tested with WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator, I need to use it on my site and its not showing on the product page to work the pricing, can you help?

    I am also using WooCommerce Per Product Shipping (not tested or tried to setup as yet) and I will need to use the Dynamic Product Pricing which I will purchase once I know the template has the ability to show the product pricing and discounts.



    Re: WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator issue – I just installed it on my test server and it seems to work: – the input field and the calculated price appear and they seem to calculate the right price (2 cent per 100cm). What doesn’t work in your case?



    The site is and the test product is simple and another is variable product and with the measurement tool set to display H x W only and editable by customer. I have price set to $3.99 per ft and assume it would be per sq.ft but for SIMPLE PRODUCT all I get is the H and W copying the value inputed into either of the fields so you cannot enter different numbers and it changes the quantity instead..I need it to function like you enter the H and W and the price is what it is for 1 item and then if you increase the quantity the total changes based on the quantity selected, and once the quantity discounts are incorporated the price should drop with increase in quantity. For VARIABLE PRODUCTafter the variations are selected the add to cart button appears but nowhere to choose the HxW.

    In addition I do not have ability to add price to the variations on the variable banner product…do multi variations not work in theme? I need to charge if grommets or seams or different material or finish is selected


    Did you try to switch to the default theme (TwentyTwelve)? Tbh I’m not sure if this is a theme bug/conflict but I guess it’s how the plugin/extension works with the current configuration. If you get the same results with TwentyTwelve it’s probably a configuration issue (or the plugin even doesn’t support your desired configuration atm). In this case contact the woothemes support – – they’ll also contact the plugin author (feature requests, bug report, etc.).


    Yes I did now and it seems the add-in has an issue, I have sent the same notes above to’support and will let you know what the tell me.

    In the meantime can I know how to:

    1. Change the color of text for the whole site, because the font color only changes in certain places…see post above!

    2. control the transparency of the variations on the variable products and also can I change the layout to be 2 column layout for the dropdowns for the variations?

    3. The blog page side bar is now out of whack!!!



    1) Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    body {
    color: #888;

    Adjust the color code as needed. Some CSS will still take priority but that is the base level setting.

    2) You can add the following css to change the dropdown transparency:

    .woocommerce-page select, .woocommerce select {
    background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8);

    As is, they just get listed one after another so it would be a complete change in the output function and I don’t know of a way to just add that in.

    3) I don’t know what keeps causing your sidebars to have variable positioning but you can fix that blog page specifically with: {
    left: 1082px;

    For any other issues, please create a new topic so that we can keep things clear and separated.




    thank you for the help however the woocommerce variations is still white and not transparent, the color for the body only changes the text color in places where green #32cd32 is showing, red is links and yellow is hover over link. Rest is still not grey, how do I change the heading to be bolder Black and the grey to be a darker grey. ( the funky colors will change, this is for test only.

    Additionally is there a way to have the navigation links to change colors when mouse over based on the colors selected for links and link hover?


    As I said, please only ask new questions in a new topic. It makes things better for searching and keeps questions from being lost and un-answered.

    The main color is set via the body. The links and hover color is set generally with:

    color: #FF000;
    color: #0004FF;

    There will still be some individual elements that need to be targeted directly (Just make new post and point out the individual elements with links to those pages). Also, make sure you look through all the options in the Theme Options> Styling as you can select most colors that will effect the whole site from all the various tabs and options there.



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