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    I have purchased Choices, Coherence and Incarnation themes and would like to purchase your wp-backgounds ii plugin if I can make my pages in these themes partly transparent like you did in you wp-backgrounds ii demo. (i.e. the background picture to show through the page a bit.)

    Is that possible?



    Yes, it’s possible to convert these themes into “semi-transparent” themes but it would require some work (probably 2-3 hours). Especially some shortcodes, icons and shadow images are tricky to convert. You can start with following css code:

    .header_color,.header_color .site-background,.header_color .first-quote,.header_color .related_image_wrap,.header_color .gravatar img,.header_color .comment-reply-link,.header_color .inner_slide .numeric_controls a,.header_color .hr_content,.header_color .news-thumb,.header_color .post-format-icon,.header_color .ajax_controlls a

    .socket_color div .avia_table tr.description_row td,.socket_color div .avia_table tr.pricing-row td,.socket_color tr.pricing-row .avia-table-icon,.socket_color tr.description_row .avia-table-icon,.socket_color .css_3_hover

    background: rgba(0,0,0,0.6);

    – it will remove the bg color from most “content” elements and add a semi transparent (black) background to the surrounding container.


    I added this to the custom css file but it didn’t make any difference.



    Can you post a link to your website please and add the code I posted above to css/custom.css. I need to investigate the source code.




    I’m working on this locally


    I put it online just now…



    Hey David,

    I see the changes in effect. If you want to remove the semi transparent black so its completely transparent just change the wrap all to:

    #wrap_all {
    background: rgba(0,0,0,0);

    I’ll tag this for Peter as well.




    You can apply the semi background color to the content container with following css code (add it to css/custom.css):

    #top .site-background, .container, #top .main_menu .menu ul li a, .first-quote, .slideshow_container, .pointer_arrow_wrap .pointer_arrow, .related_image_wrap, .gravatar img, .comment-reply-link, #top .inner_slide .numeric_controls a, .hr_content, .news-thumb {
    background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6);


    Thanks, worked great.


    Hi revdrdavidreid,

    Glad that Peter helped you. :)



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