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    I would like to translate from english to greek a few things and i would like to know where the code is so i can change it:

    1) on the top right search bar the “search the site”

    2) On the portfolio pagination where it says ” Page 1 to 3″

    3) On the portfolio sortable where it shows the diferrent categories, i would like to translate the word : ” ALL “


    4) On the page navigation where it says: ” You are here “


    Thank you in advance



    1.) Open searchform.php and change the value.

    2.) Open framework > php > function-avia-set-frontend.php and find this code

    $output .= "<span class='pagination-meta'>".sprintf(__("Page %d of %d", 'avia_framework'), $paged, $pages)."</span>";

    3.) Open includes > loop-portfolio.php and find this code

    $output .= "<a href='#' data-filter='all_sort' class='all_sort_button active_sort'>".__('All','avia_framework')."</a>";

    To change the text “All”.

    4.) Open framework > php > class-breadcrumbs.php and find this code

    echo '<p class="breadcrumb"><span class="breadcrumb_info">'.__('You are here:','avia_framework').'</span> <a href="'.get_bloginfo('url').'">';




    For Nr 4 ) i cannot find class-breadcrumbs.php In which file is this at the Editor?

    2.) Open framework > php > function-avia-set-frontend.php and find this code

    $output .= “<span class=’pagination-meta’>”.sprintf(__(“Page %d of %d”, ‘avia_framework’), $paged, $pages).”</span>”;

    For Nr 2)

    Where i can find Framework?

    and what should i replace there?



    You can edit those via ftp. You can find them on wp-content > themes > choices.




    Hi Ismael,

    Your tips help a lot, not only for the Greek, also for the Dutch ;)

    In line with the questions above, where to change the words ‘Previous entry’ and ‘Next entry’ on the bottom of a portfolio page.

    I checked all loop….php files, and I suspect I have to change some code in several files, don’t I ? The words ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ in another than ”entry’, or am I wrong?

    Thanks a lot again!

    Best regards,



    Probably you can also translate these links by using the po file in choiceslang. You can use tools like Poedit to translate default.po – then save your translation as nl_NL.po and into the choiceslang folder.


    Ok, I tried. I copied the items

    #: ../functions-choices.php:385

    msgid “(previous entry)”

    msgstr “(vorig bericht)”

    #: ../functions-choices.php:388

    msgid “(next entry)”

    msgstr “(volgend bericht)”

    into the existing nl_NL.po file (which was already in de WP install files, and had an enormous list of translated text in it.) So I moved the .mo and .po file into the choiceslang folder. Reload the site, but I don’t see a difference. What did I do wrong? Does Choices automatically search for the Dutch nl_NL.po file or do I have to change something? In de wp-config.php I already set the language to nl_NL…..

    thanks again,




    Your language file should work. Can you give me a link to your nl_NL.po file and I’ll check it with Poedit.

    Best regards,



    Hi Peter,

    Thanks voor helping. I put the files on

    This is not the site where it is about. You can see the site and page in question on

    Best regards,



    Hey Ronald,

    I’ve tagged this for Peter so that it will appear in his Queue and can easily be responded to.




    Ah – ok I now noticed that you’re using the wrong language file for the translation. Please use default.po for the theme translation – it can be found in the wp-content/themes/choiceslang folder. Then save the result as nl_NL.po and into the lang folder again. The default wordpress lang files won’t work (because the textdomain of the theme is different),


    Thanks, Dude, I’ll try this one!


    Ok, I translated the whole thing. Without any result. Do I have to remove the files, or where does the theme recognizes the Dutch files?

    Thanks again!



    PS. The file wp-config.php is already set to nl_NL….


    I put the files again on

    Could you please check where it goes wrong?

    Thanks again!



    Please try these files, (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    a) in wp_config.php do you have the same name as your file without the extension, nl_NL and not nl_NL.po (or mo)?

    b) are you placing your mo/po files in the lang folder next to the other language files?

    c) Are you using UTF-8 as your character set ? (in wp-config) as well as in Settings > Reading ?

    If the files I sent you are not working for you, please try to activate the Spanish (or some other language) that was present with the theme and see if you can get Spanish working. Because problem is either that *something that you are doing is incorrect or * file is in a bad format/bad installation/software issue, and we need to figure out which of the two is the culprit.




    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your efforts!

    Unfortunately… negative.

    – I used your new files and placed them in the ‘lang’ folder

    – WP-config.php says ; define(‘WPLANG’, ‘nl_NL’)

    – Yes, everything in UTF-8

    – I changed in WP-config to es_ES, but not even Spanish texts.

    Am I the only one, who’s doing something incorrectly?

    Thanks again,




    Strange. This means either something very simple is missing or the entire installation has a problem.

    Please install this plugin which should take care of WordPress itself and this plugin should allow you to directly add the mo/po files within WordPress so if something is wrong with the mo/po files, this should solve the issue by letting you associate the file with the theme if for some reason its being ignored.

    Please let us know how they work out.


    This is something old I ran across for people experiencing same problem. Please open gettext.php in wp-includes. Make a backup of the file incase there is a problem and replace

    if ($magic == ($MAGIC1 & 0xFFFFFFFF)) { // to make sure it works for 64-bit platforms
    $this->BYTEORDER = 0;
    } elseif ($magic == ($MAGIC2 & 0xFFFFFFFF)) {


    if ($magic == $MAGIC1) {
    $this->BYTEORDER = 0;
    } elseif ($magic == $MAGIC2) {

    Reference: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)





    Was a few weeks abroad…

    Anyway….a gettext.php in my wp-includes folder doesn’t exist???




    When did it exist? in 3.5 you mean?


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