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    Hello I got anwer from Krise at Themeforest to post the missing translations I found and here are some that cannot be translated so far.

    woocommerce-config/config.php – “Register” row 130

    woocommerce-config/config.php – “Login row 133

    woocommerce-config/config.php – “Shopping Cart” row 136

    woocommerce-config/config.php – “Checkout” row 137

    woocommerce-config/config.php – “Show Details” row 326

    and this…

    Change password

    Edit Adress

    View Order


    Then, I´m in a hurry with this, can I put in strings in the .PO file some way from the gettext string?


    Hello, the contact-form.php seem not to be connected aswell, seem like it is in the .PO file the words but it´s not appear in the Contact Page?

    Or am I missing something out here? I have my swedish langage set in config.php or is it other thing I need to do to activate the lang directory?



    the text strings are all included in default.po. If you view the file with poedit you’ll find these text strings at the very end/bottom.


    No, does not help.. they are there but not translated on the webpage


    Are you swedish (your nick is Swedish)?

    Then you got translated files over here:

    Do remember that you need to translate some strings in Woocommerce also (There are some missing strings there).



    Updated but the strings does not seem to be updated… or what am I doing wrong?

    I downloaded and replaced with new .mo .file but I cannot even find them in the Pooedit when I search after the strings?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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