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    I have problems with some translation that are not taken into consideration : my site is in french so I used Poedit with a fr_FR.po & fr_FR.mo files. It works great for all translations except 2 sentences on my blog page which are :
    – Archive for category (translation is : Archive pour la catégorie)
    – Author Archive (translation is : Archive auteur)
    The path is wp-content/theme/angular/lang

    Why those 2 sentences are not translated ? Could you help?
    Thanks a lot
    example : http://www.mallorykwiat.com/category/dessin/


    Hey mallokw!

    Please open fr_FR.po file with Poedit and click on Catalog > Update from sources. All strings should be added



    Hey Yigit,

    I tried to update from sources but it does not work. Here is the log I received (sorry it’s in french) :
    12:57:39: Aucun fichier trouvé dans :..
    12:57:39: Poedit n’a trouvé aucun fichier dans les répertoires analysés.
    12:57:39: Certaines entrées du catalogue sont probablement incorrectes.
    12:57:39: La mise à jour du catalogue a échoué. Cliquez sur « Détails >> » pour en savoir plus.

    What can I do ?
    Thanks in advance.



    Have you tried using this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/
    If it does not work for you, please send me French .mo .po files ( you can upload on Dropbox ) and i will update it and send you back.

    Best regards,



    The plugin just work fine. This is great, no more poedit use !
    Thanks so much.

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