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    I am trying to translate Replete, so I downloaded default.po and am changing it to slovenian language. Uploading sl_SI.po and files back to wp-content/themes/replete/lang folder, changes text successfully. However there are many blog text strings that are not included in original default.po (english) file. I guess these are wordpress strings that should already be translated because I use slovenian wordpress. Please see screen capture of those strings: that I can’t translate. This strings are: “Search”, “Recent Posts”, “Recent Comments” and on front page for example: “Featured Products” or “View our Bestsellers”. I guess this is not in Woocommerce language file, because I have Woocommerce translated.

    So I use

    – WordPress 3.6 Slovenian (should be translated)

    Woocommerce 2.0 Slovenian (already translated)

    – Replete (in process of translating wp-content/themes/replete/lang/default.po to sl_SI.po)

    Thank you for answer.



    You can use this plugin:

    Refer to this link, look for Dude’s second instruction about the plugin: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -page




    I am sorry I couldn’t explain what I wanted to translate but I wasn’t able to. The text that I wanted to translate was entered in Gradients area and belonged to dummy data that I loaded when I started to play around with this theme.

    Never mind. I found what I was looking for and it was not in theme but in data that I loaded while I was installing Replete theme.

    I am sorry for this confusion.

    I only need to find one more text (the one from first page): “Featured Products” or “View our Bestsellers” – These text strings are also not in theme’s .po language file…



    If you follow the link I gave you, this is Dude’s instruction:

    2) Generate a new po file with Codestyling:

    Install the plugin, go to Tools > Localization and select “Themes”. Then search for “Replete” in the list and click on “Add new language”. Then select your language from the list and click the “create po-file” button. Click on “Rescan” to fetch all text strings. Then click on “Edit” and translate the required strings from the “avia_framework” textdomain. At least click the “create mo file” button next to the “Textdomain” selection dropdown (top left corner).

    You can manually translate texts.




    Thank you. I already did all this. But the text string that I wanted to translate was again part of “dummy data”. It was not in any .po language file. Thank you for your help.

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