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    My front page and other pages created with dynamic template can’t be translated directly, I was wondering if I can translate all of the elements in those pages through the .po file; if there is any easier way to do that is not through WPML I would appreciate you pointing it out.

    Also, I would like to create a landing page that let the visitor choose the language he wants, sort of like an intro page, is that possible?


    Hi arii0921,

    I believe that with WPML each language has its own set of dynamic templates. So you when you have changed to the second language while logged in to wordpress you would then get a second set of theme templates to re-build and re-add in the content for.

    I’ll tag this topic for another of the support crew who is a bit more familiar with WPML and the theme to verify and perhaps fill in any blanks.




    Yes, like Devin pointed out above you need to create the a template for each language. Use the language selector on the admin screen to switch from one language to another. You’ll notice that the “choices” menu item changes the name based on the current language (eg to Choices (EN) or Choices (DE), etc.). Go to Choices (XX) > Template Builder and create your custom template for language XX. Then save the template, switch to language YY and create your template for language YY.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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