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    I’m suggesting this here because I didn’t see a way to post in a more general category.

    I’ve noticed that users sometimes post questions in a non-English language and the reply is in that same language. Is there any chance that someone (a moderator?) could at least do a quick translation of the question and answer when they reply? Many of us try not to post redundant questions and it is possible that the non-English question is something that would benefit everyone (and reduce the number of new questions).

    Just a suggestion.



    we answer questions in English and German. The reason why we also answer questions in German is that Kriesi is based in Vienna (Austria) and some people from Germany, Switzerland and Austria like to ask questions in their native language.

    I can understand that it’s frustrating for someone if he doesn’t understand what’s written in a thread but the questions & answers are the same as in other threads. I can’t remember a post where I answered a question/solved a problem for the first time in German. Personally I don’t plan to translate my answers because:

    1) To answer the same question in English a second time takes as long as translating my answer and/or the question.

    2) Some people won’t recognize that I translated my answer (i.e. they just have a look at the first post)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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