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    I know this isn’t directly related to this theme, but as many users will implement the WooCommerce plugin with flashlight, I thought it was relevant.

    Some words doesn’t seem to be translated via the language files (with poedit), but are probably located in some .php files.

    Words I’m thinking about is; cart, my account, logout, search…

    I searched the “woocommerce_functions.php” file for the word “cart”, and found it listed several times.

    I wonder if it is the times it looks like this between brackets and with quotation marks I’m able to translate it, or maybe it isn’t that straight forward?

    Here is an excerpt from the php file:

    $cart_totals = $_POST;

    Could I then do this?

    $cart_totals = $_POST;


    I discovered that WooCommerce has an additional set of language files found in the informal and formal folder under languages… I’ll dive into translating those.


    Hey Thoddi,

    Let us know how it turns out. I know there is some discussion areas with woo commerce on translation as well so they will probably have some good resources available as well.

    If you come upon any bits and pieces that are getting re-added in english via the theme files and are unsure how to edit them, post them here and we’ll do our best to help.




    I started translating the german PO file found in the informal folder of languages into Norwegian. It is a BIG task with a lot of snippets of text to translate. After I had removed all german translations and replaced what I thought most necessary into norwegian, I copied it to the server to see if magic would happen… Some text did translate correctly, but I had to remove the PO file because some german text appeared here and there even though I thought I had deleted all… Maybe WooCommerce recognized the file as german even though I saved it as nb_NO?

    (I have set WPLANG to “nb_NO” in the wp-config.php)

    I’ve googled a little on WooCommerce translations, and it seems you have to be a paying member to get any support or access to support forums. So I’m a bit on hold with this…


    Hi Thoddi,

    If you click the “Free Download” button on and complete the form you’ll be registered (without having to pay) for WooCommerce’s public forum. You won’t have access to the WooCommerce developers but you will have access to other users/members who may be able to help with your questions.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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