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    I know you are not familiar with qTranslate, but given that it is a good option against WPML, specially because it’s free, and that it’s really simple to use and perhaps you could take a quick look into it, do you know why the Static Welcome Text field on a small 3D slideshow won’t pick up qTranslate’s tags??

    I was able to perfectly translate all my site with qTranslate, but my homepage slideshow text is the only thing missing, and I can’t make it work. Check my site at

    qTranslate uses tags to identify language strings in text and show the right one depending on the language selected, but for some reason Brightbox removes or ignores them and all strings get shown at the same time. (

    Like: <!--:en-->text<!--:--><!--:es-->text<!--:--> OR: [:en]text [:es]text

    Also they have some special functions for adding into code, but I’m no developer, so won’t know how to implement them, maybe this could help:

    I have already asked them about it, but haven’t got an answer yet.

    If you could please take a quick look into this it would be awesome, as this is one of the only problems for using this great plugin for translating your themes, as the rest works perfectly, and it could be a great option for everybody using them.

    Thanks a lot in advance!




    Just so you don’t feel ignored, I think you’re not getting a response because we don’t know ( least I don’t). I’ll mark the topic for other support members, maybe they have an insight.




    Thanks! It would be great if you could take a look into the issue, maybe the solution is not that difficult to find!



    I marked this post for Kriesi’s attention. I’ll close it for now, if Kriesi knows a solution he’ll answer here.

    Best regards,


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