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    Please let me know how can I translate “read more” in each post?



    Open includes > loop-index.php and find this code

    the_content(__('Read more','avia_framework')); ?>

    You can translate the read more from there.




    Hmmm… I have it changed but it doesn’t work. “Read more” tag is generate by TinyMCE Advanced plugin, which gives <! – More -> tag.

    I can do it different if Avia Framework allows it. First post


    Hi suderDesign,

    Unless that plugin modifies the more tag, that is the only place you can change the text via the theme.

    Make sure you have uploaded the changed file if you made the change via FTP into the correct location so that it replaces the old file.






    I’m sure that file is changed and placed correct. After deactivate this plugin it’s still in English.


    I just re-read your original post and there are actually a number of other instances of Read more hard coded into the theme at various points. For instance in loop-archive for pages where you are displaying a specific post category type like in your above link.

    In order to change them all however, you’ll need to do a gloabl search of the theme files for:

    'Read more'

    to locate and translate all of them. There are about 10 instances at various points. Here are the specifics I know of (just open each an search for the above code)

    In the includes folder> helper-templates.php, loop-archive.php, loop-index.php, loop-page.php, loop-portfolio.php.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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