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    We’ve built our site on Flashlight, and just bought the WPML plugin to make it multi lingual.

    It seems to work on regular pages, but we have based our website on portfolio pages and when switching to the translated version the portfolio content won’t show up on the page we assigned the portfolio to. We are displaying two portfolios, with each different categories.

    Also, since WPML duplicates each post when doing a translation, do you have to upload the gallery again?




    Ok, i just found a thread on the forum that i guess will solve my problem with multilingual portfolio sites.

    But now i encountered another problem.

    When i installed WPML i played around with it, trying to translate the pages and see if i could get the multilingual structure running ok. But when messing around with the portfolio sites the website was all messed up. So i unactivated the WPML plugins and deleted the duplicated pages and posts that WPML created when i tried to translate them, so the site would run normal again.

    But now when i reactivated the plugins to give it another try, the translated duplicate are gone (since i deleted them) but the plugin recognized them as shill there? It got the pen symbol instead of the plus symbol, when i click it i get this error messege:

    Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘avia_default_dynamics’ not found or invalid function name in /home/d7114/public_html/wordpress/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 405

    You tried to edit a post that doesn’t exist. It may have been deleted?

    How can i repair this? It is deleted, for sure, but i need WPML to know that as well.


    Sorry, for the amount of different questions in the same thread, but it all concerns the same thing.

    I thought i had solved the portfolio issue, but it remains. When trying to create a portfolio translation, the translated page cannot show the portfolio posts. And when looking at the categories, the original categories are gone, but the site works fine in its original language and are displaying the portfolios correctly.

    So i tried to create new categories, and i noticed that i then could assign a translation for the new categories as well. They all show up when making a new post, editing a post or making a translation (the translation shows the translated category, smart). But when i try to assign a category to the post, it dissapears when i click “update” or “publish”. The post don’t want to “keep” the category i assign them.

    I also tried to reassign the portfolio categories under the flashlight -> portfolio settings. But it won’t work.

    I would really appriciate your help. We’ve launched our new website and are quite eager to get the translation working properly.

    Thank you.



    …plus I can’t change the format of pages and posts to mini content. Sorry, and thanks!


    1) I reported the question regarding WPML to Kriesi. I’m not sure how or if you can get rid of the problem. I assume you found the new framework files in this thread: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -pages#post-56645

    2) On the right side of the post/page editor screen you’ll find a layout selector dropdown. Select the mini content area and it the publish/update button.


    Regarding the Problem with WPML: Since I dont know how the plugin works I cant really tell why it still recognizes deleted translations. Did you try to contact the WPML Team on the issue? They are usually very helpful when it comes to wpml related problems, and I am sure they got a lot more insight why this might happen…



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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