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    Hello, excellent theme, It is posibble to translate the message from the contact form when the user use it (after sending the message o error messages), for two languages (Spanish / English) and also with other messages like the breadcrumbs using the WPML plugin?.


    Yes, the theme create a different option set for each WPML language. Just switch to the other language by using the language switcher at the top of the admin screen. You’ll notice that the “Theme Options” label changes (i.e. to Choices (EN) or Choices (ES), etc.). By switching the language you’ll also switch the option set and you can configure all options for each language individually (eg different portfolio pages, different contact form labels, different logos, etc.).


    Ok thank you Dude, I was referring to the messages from the core file (contact-form.php), I think I use contact Form 7 plugin and apply the style, also I have a problem, on the site I have two languages (spanish / English) but at the home page of English I set up the Images for the banner but they wont show up, and in the spanish home page they show it. there is a a problem?, this is the temporary site:

    Thanks for your help



    Problem solve, it was some configuration with the WPML on the page that didn’t allow to save the pictures for the banner.

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    Glad that you solved the issue :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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