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    i just using the propulsion theme in german and the q-translate plugin to translate the homepage to english. The german version works nice. But in the english version i have a problem with the contact form. The most of the parts are translated to english, but the field “subject” and “message” appear in the german version and not in english. I haven`t found an option to translate that manually.

    Can you please help me ?



    Unfortunately it’s probably not easily possible to translate these text strings with qtranslate. Some contact form text strings are saved as option values in the database and with WPML we create several option sets which enable the user to use different option values (“field names”) for different languages. However Propulsion does not support qtranslate and thus you can’t set different options and contact forms for different languages.



    thans for your answer. The thing is, in the english version of the template, the strings are in english. So thers is no way to get those thrings into english with q-translate ?



    Maybe you can use conditional logic and “hardcode” the text somehow in wp-contentthemespropulsionframeworkphpclass-form-generator.php. The $element value contains the text and you can use probably use if/elseif to check the current language. Pseudocode would be:

    if ( $qtranslatelang != 'de' && $element['label'] == "Betreff") {
    $element['label'] = "Subject";
    }else if ($qtranslatelang != 'de' && $element['label'] == "Nachricht") {
    $element['label'] = "Message";


    thanks for your answer, i added the code in the file after

    function text($id, $element)


    $p_class = $required = $element_class = $value = “”;

    but i will not work, do you maybe know why ?

    thanks a lot !


    Yes because it’s pseudocode: – I’m not familar with qtranslate and thus I don’t know how to query the current language with qtranslate. You might want to study the plugin docs or contact the plugin author.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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