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    I write to you because I need to translate the backend of the site Coherence, from english to italian.

    One of the users of the site do not know English.

    I am a neophyte; downloaded the plugin WPML2WPMSLS but does not work.

    Can you, please, give me a tip on how to proceed in the most easy and fast as possible?

    Thank you.


    Hi glhu,

    You’ll need to use the Italian version of WordPress:





    Open wp-config.php then find this code

    define('WPLANG', '');

    Replace it with

    define('WPLANG', 'it_IT');

    Create a folder called “languages” on wp-includes or wp-content then place the .mo file for your language. It’s kinda hard to find a complete language translation.




    Thank you for your answers, but maybe I was not clear and explain what I need.

    When the user (publisher) creates a new article or portfolio item and enters the appropriate page, he will find some of the descriptions (which are part of the theme) in English, such as:

    – Slideshow Option.

    – Which slideshow do you want to use?

    Choose one of the available types slideshow here. The default Slideshow is a basic fade slider.

    – Portfolio Display Option.

    Instead of displaying a slideshow Also you can choose to show all portfolio images bellow each other

    – Autorotation active?

    Check if the slideshow Should rotate by default

    Etc. ..

    I want to translate these texts with a plugin, without changing the theme files (because it is not recommended and why I would have difficulty when there are updates).

    Can you recommend a free plugin compatible with your theme?

    I’d be very grateful.



    You can use




    Hi Ismael and thanks for your reply.

    I’m sorry but qtranslate plugin doesn’t translate the instruction of your theme that appears, for example, into the setting of the portfolio and articles (that I wrote in the past reply).

    Your theme as a folder named “config-wpml”… is it only for WPML plugin or is it compatible with other free plugin?

    I hope you can suggest to me a solution.

    Thanks for your time.


    Just to avoid any misunderstanding, I am attaching these images to describe the parts that I would like to translate.

    These are just some example.



    It is a bit complicated because these parts of the theme is not translation ready (

    Open wp-config.php then find this code

    define('WPLANG', '');

    Replace it with

    define('WPLANG', 'it_IT');

    For example if you want to translate “Which Slideshow do you want to use?” text. First, you need to edit includes > admin > register-admin-metabox.php, find this code

    "name" => "Which Slideshow do you want to use?",

    Replace it with this code to make it translatable.

    $which = __('Which Slideshow do you want to use?','avia_framework'),
    "name" => $which,

    Then, you need to create a it_IT.po file, go to themes/lang folder then copy and paste the de_DE.po and files and rename it to it_IT. Open it_IT.po then place this code in order to target that one specific text.

    # @ avia_framework
    #: includes/admin/register-admin-metabox.php:114
    msgid "Which Slideshow do you want to use?"
    msgstr "Quale Slideshow vuoi usare?"

    After that, you need to parse the it_IT.po file using POedit which can be downloaded on After parsing, go to themes/coherence/lang/, copy the to wp-includes > languages folder.

    I suggest you hire a freelance developer to translate the theme for you.




    You’ve been very kind. Your explanation is very clear. You are great!

    Just to explain my intention (and I hope it will serve to optimize your theme in later versions): I wanted to use a plugin to not change the original files of the theme.

    The instructions that you have provided to me require me to change, however, the files of the original theme. Given that I do not expect to add more languages ​​besides Italian, at this point, it seems more practical to directly translate and rewrite all the text in the file “register-admin-metabox.php.”

    It would be nice if the next update you should render those parts also translatable using Poedit.

    Thanks for the advice, but I can not appoint a freelance developer to translate the theme for me.

    You can close the post. Thank you.

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